About Lisa


Favorite color: Peacock. (cheated sorry)

Favorite food: Cinnamon and Honey Coffee with whipped cream (yes I consider that food)

Favorite music: Alternative, Goth, Ethereal, Classical

Favorite place: I love the river. The smells, the sounds, and the place I go is magical.

I have a cool black lab named Bowie, two cute cats named Shadow and Candy. Shadow is all black and Candy is seal point so I call her the hot blonde.

I have two kids - a teenager who likes to participate in anything Japanese and Anime driven and a 9 year old who is very musical from singing to dancing to playing instruments.

I am married to a beautiful man who spoils me and supports me. We have been married for 18 years and together for 21 and although it has been really tough at times, I am blessed to have him in my life.

I love to read, write poetry, dance, sing, write music and of course paint.

I am gluten intolerant and am very environmentally conscious. I recycle avidly; use my car as little as possible. I shop local when I can and feed my family natural healthy food which means we never ever eat fast food ever. Even normal restaurants are questionable to me.

I live in Colorado, originally from CA (mostly). It was a hard adjustment at first but I love it here now. CO is a very remarkable and beautiful place to live and I am proud of how environmentally conscious this state is.

I was born in Ogden Utah to a Mormon family. I remained Mormon into my teens and then departed to find my own spiritual path. I am deeply spiritual but not religious nor affiliated with any religion in any way. I pray and meditate deeply and appreciate the mother earth as much as many people appreciate heaven. I feel that as far as I know for sure I have this one life. It is a gift so I am going to live it deeply, fully, and passionately.

I am an eternal optimist and a control freak.

For a list of my artistic accomplishments...well, I have sold all over the world. My statues are still sold in Europe. My book has been translated into French and is on Kindle. My art prints are sold in retail stores scattered throughout USA and Canada. I have had numerous speaking engagements on inspiration and am an all-around cool chick. :0)


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